league of legends

It is not easy to master League of Legends and it is highly likely that you would remain in the bronze or silver ranking for a long time. Silver isn’t a bad ranking at all, although, there are always better ranks awaiting you at https://gamestore.live/lol-accounts/master. So, in order to increase your ranking in the game of League of Legends, you will haveto do certain things which are different from the other. We have provided some tips which would help you to climb up the ladder of League of Legends.

league of legends

Pick a role and stick with it

In order to become a good League of Legends player, you need to find the desired role. League of Legends is not an easy game. There are five roles on the Rift out of which, you need to need to learn any one of them. The small trick in this game is to master at a master at a single role rather than being just average in all the five roles. If you are feeling difficulty in choosing the best role for yourself, you can try playing the normal games. There isn’t any pressure like that in the ranked games and thusyoucaneasily find your best role. You should choose themain position in order to start climbing. Avoid switching roles too often which might cause you to fall down the ladder.

Read the patch notes

One ofthe most basic and simple methods is to keep yourself informed about the patch notes. In order to go higher in the game, you will need to keep information about the patches of the game and keep yourself updated with the latest patch notes. This will help you to keep learning about your champions. Most of the players make the mistake of ignoring the notes of the patches. Thus, they have no idea about the latest changes in their champions and so, they cannot play to the full capability of the champion. This tip is often undermined but it can play a big role in helping you climb the ladder.


These tips may seem to be basic, yet they are the ones which could help you to reach higher rankings in the game.